What's the latest?

The City Council meeting on March 21 at 6 pm is pivotal.

Overall, Version 6 of the Housing and Zoning Code draft changes has improved from previous versions. Language has been updated to provide more legal clarity, and some troublesome provisions have been removed.

Concerns and Objections

Version 6 still contains some provisions that are of concern to the Central Hill Country Board of REALTORS®.

Read our objections

About This Issue

We are Fredericksburg REALTORS®. We live here. We work here. We support and love this community.

Fredericksburg has changed over the last 30 years—we are no longer a sleepy Hill Country community. We’re a regional destination with a robust economy that heavily relies on tourism and hospitality—including short-term rentals—for much-needed tax revenue and employment. See the economic impact of STRs here.

In their effort to impose greater restrictions and regulations on short-term rentals, the Fredericksburg City Council is considering changes to city housing and zoning code that could:

  • Make sweeping changes that will affect all property owners and erode private property rights
  • Expose the city to costly taxpayer-funded lawsuits
  • Increase property taxes
  • Do nothing to address Fredericksburg's affordable housing crisis

We believe their approach is impractical, ineffective, and driven by emotion rather than logic. As staunch advocates for private property rights and Fredericksburg taxpayers, Fredericksburg REALTORS® encourage city leaders to:

  • Enforce current ordinances including noise, trash, light pollution, and parking
  • Support property owners’ rights to use and enjoy their property in a manner that the property owner sees fit
  • Oppose any future provision or zoning proposal that would restrict a property owners’ right to sell a property as a short-term rental
  • Reject any ordinance that will harm the local economy or result in costly taxpayer-funded lawsuits.

We look forward to continuing to work with City Council and the City Staff to develop productive, rational solutions to the issues facing our beloved community.